Celebrating Community Solar on Dracaena Centre

We are celebrating 5 years of our community solar panel project on the Dracaena Centre.

This video features a short interview with Richard May, Charity Manager of the Dracaena Centre

Robin Curtis, a Director of FEP, explains:

In 2018 FEP arranged for the installation of a solar PV array on the roof of the popular Dracaena Centre in Falmouth. This was funded through a combination of Crowd Funding and a 20 year loan from the Cornwall Low Carbon fund. The 30kW system has been now been generating electricity for five years.

To date the system had generated a total of ~14,700kWh of zero carbon electricity.

About 57% of this has been used internally by the Dracaena Centre. FEP has sold this electricity at a reduced rate to the Centre, saving them approximately £3,250 so far.

The savings will increase with time due to the rising cost of electricity supplied by the grid.

Over the five years of generation the solar installation has saved approximately 34 tonnes of CO2 emissions – compared to using electricity from the grid. For the electricity that the Centre has been unable to utilise, FEP receives additional income which is currently being used to pay off the loan and to fund energy saving activities, and awareness-raising.

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