Community Solar

In November 2016 we successfully applied for a grant of £20,000 from the Rural Community Energy Fund to undertake a feasibility study into generating solar pv electricity from business, farm and public sector roofs in the Fal area.

We have now finished this study and plan to take one project to the next stage of implementation. We are planning to install solar panels on a community centre which will not only reduce their electricity bill but enable them to use that money to fund important local projects.

Video: Celebrating Five years of Community Solar on the Dracaena Centre

Here is why we think working in this way is important…

Wasted energy

We need to improve the energy efficiency of homes in our area. Our energy infrastructure is old and becoming unreliable and public sector budgets and funding are decreasing.


Cornwall spends £1billion a year on energy but 98% of this leaves the local economy. See this presentation for the full facts and background.

Clean energy

Cornwall has the best Wind resource in Western Europe, the best Geothermal resource in the UK, and the best Solar resource on mainland UK. There is also huge potential for offshore renewables.


Good news! 32% of Cornwall’s electricity demand was met by renewables in 2016 and it could be much much higher.

We can..

Generate and use our own clean energy. Our report from 2012 found that we could generate 100% of our present electricity demand from renewables.


Make our homes, businesses, and transport greener and more affordable. We can also reduce fuel poverty in our area and retain our energy spend in our local economy. Here is Cornwall’s Energy Future.

What are the benefits to local people?

We can keep the profits, reduce bills, and create good local jobs. Renewable energy will also improve our local air quality.


We will reinvest profits back into new community renewable projects and support our community to reduce our impact on climate change.

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