The Fal Energy Partnership (FEP) draws together organisations and interested individuals who care about creating a low carbon future for Falmouth, Penryn and the surrounding area. FEP is collaborative, inclusive and will be the catalyst to make our area resilient, energy efficient and sustainable for the future.

We aim to improve our energy resilience in ways which reduce negative environmental impacts and that are socially and financially beneficial to all by:

  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Minimising fuel poverty.
  • Facilitating the generation of locally-owned renewable energy.


Our Objectives…

By 2019

  • Deliver a community solar array scheme
  • Maintain a programme to encourage local interest and participation in renewable energy production and energy saving
  • Progress other suitable renewable energy schemes as they become available

By 2025

  • Invest income in tools and schemes to help reduce the 15% of homes in fuel poverty
  • Work in partnership to generate 15% of local energy needs locally from renewables
  • Plant new woodland for coppice to support local energy production

By 2050

  • Contribute towards the FEP are producing all of its energy from renewables
  • Contribute to raising living standards for all


FEP Vision Statement.pdf