Fal Energy Partnership AGM 2024

Fal Energy Partnership have booked their Annual General Meeting at The Poly, Falmouth for 12:30 on Friday 8th March as part of the Climate Change is Happening exhibition and events organised by the Rotary Club.

We are fortunate to link again with the Climate Event this year being held in The Poly.

The formalities of the AGM will be held from 12:30 in the Library but FEP members will be available for a chat from 12.

Members and prospective members welcome (zoom attendance will also be possible via link posted to our members’ mailing list)

At the meeting Reports will be available for the Accounts and Activities from Feb 2023 to date.

The current Directors will stand down but (hopefully) re-offer themselves for re-election for the coming year. The positions of Chair, Secretary etc will be set. We are hoping that there will be other FEP members willing to become Directors, and they have been invited to stand via our mailing list.

Please join us to meet more FEP members and participate in the Climate event.



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