Press Release for FEP Energy Survey – Energy in Our Hands

Last year before the huge hikes on our energy bills Fal Energy Partnership carried out a local survey. FEP asked local residents what would they like our next actions to be to support local energy supply and ownership.

FEP is a local social firm committed to providing information and support for increasing renewable energy strategies, to lower energy bills, keep money in the area and build up local renewable energy resources to reduce dependence on the grid!

Now with the shock! price increases and instability of supply for fossil based energy there is even greater need for FEP to promote local renewable energy.

The results of the survey can be found here.

In summary there was support for projects like putting solar panels on roofs as we have done at the Dracaena Project which is providing substantial savings plus savings on carbon.

Please let us know of any buildings/organisations that are interested in similar projects.

There was substantial support for lobbying local and Cornwall Council for energy policy.

Practical strategies for combating domestic Energy Poverty are even more vital now. Sources of help and support follow; please contact us to let us know of more ideas and your questions.

Lorely Lloyd, 21st April 2022


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