Fal Energy Partnership AGM 2021 – Press Release

Press release: Fal Energy Partnership

Zoom Annual General Meeting

Fal Energy Partnership recently held their 10th year AGM on Zoom.

Set up in 2011, Fal Energy has been busy initiating and promoting local renewable energy initiatives.

We were very fortunate to have two excellent guest speakers who gave us brief presentations and answered questions about their recent books.

Our first presenter, based in Scotland, was Neil Kitching Geographer and Energy Specialist. He has published ‘Carbon Choices’ – an easy to read guide to the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises. It describes the causes and impacts of climate change, explores ten building blocks that are required to solve the problem and describes the solutions relevant to government, business and individuals
www.carbonchoices.uk (one third of cost of book goes to rewilding projects)

Our second presenter, local author Colin Hastings, has produced the Carbon Buddy Manual: “told from the viewpoint of individual consumers and households dealing with the day-to-day realities of trying to respond to climate change. In particular it shines a light on the obstacles, practical, financial and psychological, that distract and derail even the most persistent”. www.carbonbuddyproject.org

Following these very interesting presentations Fal Energy members were updated with progress to date and reports given on the successful solar array on the Dracaena project in Falmouth.

Discussion followed on the use of existing funds to further renewables in the Fal Community Network area. Several projects were suggested with action on two this Spring and two in the coming Autumn.

Fal Energy is a social enterprise for the benefit of the community, every member has one vote and any profit goes back into further local projects.

Click here for Notes from the AGM (PDF)

For more information please check www.falenergy.co.uk or contact us
Tel 01326 317587.

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