Energy Saving Tips 1: Stop Draughts

Here is the first in our series of Energy Saving Tips:

Stop draughts: pull the curtains

Keep your home warmer in the cold by pulling the curtains when it gets dark.

If thin, line them with curtain insulation wadding – cheap and easy to do, sew or tack to the window side, use old blankets or use two sets. fit close to the window all around & the wall side of radiators.

Enjoy the extra warmth.

Stop draughts: plug your chimney

One study shows household heating was 30 percent higher without chimney dampers.

Plug the hole with a chimney balloon inside to provide an effective seal, or make your own, with old pillows or balled newspaper. Ensure some air still gets through & remove before using the fireplace.

Enjoy warmer feet!

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