Help us install up to 2MW of photovoltaic panels!

The Fal Energy Partnership active membership have begun work on an ambitious energy project which we hope will lead to the Partnership gaining a long term and significant income, which will be used to further our aim of being the catalyst to make our area resilient, energy efficient and sustainable over the next 25 years and beyond. FEP also aims to develop a long term investment plan, which all can join, through the Industrial Provident Society, and which aims to work to benefit the area as a whole through its investments.

The specific project we are now beginning to work up is to install up to 2MW of photovoltaic panels on a range of larger buildings in the Fal area. The buildings will include appropriate community buildings, supermarkets and office and industrial buildings. Our original research and assessment report for which grant funding was available in 2012 showed that there is a large potential for solar PV on local buildings with little visibility or planning issues. If successful this would in time yield enough income for FEP to pay staff and start implementing the aims of increasing energy efficiency and local renewable energy supplies.

I trust that you remain committed to our joint aims and would appreciate a letter/email of support for this specific project for us to add to our grant submission. It would also be useful if you were able to indicate any ways that FEP would be able to help by for example suggesting your own appropriate buildings or car parks or other under used brownfield land which you might like to put into this scheme. Our aim is to agree with host organisations that they are then able to take advantage of free daytime electricity as it is generated by their own PV panels.

Please do contact me with any queries and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Thank you


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