Review of Achieving Sustainable Development through Neighbourhood Planning Presentation

We were very lucky to have a mini-lecture on sustainable cities by Professor Mike Jenks ( and Chris Smith ( at our FEP AGM (

Below are from my notes:

‘Achieving Sustainable Development through Neighbourhood Planning (NPPF) by Prof Mike Jenks’

“Presumption in favour of sustainable development” – what does that mean and how can it be achieved? Compact Cities = Smart Cities. Four pillars of sustainable planning social/environmental/economic are common ones plus good governance.

The need to look at high-density housing, workplaces, public services, schools, which enables cheaper transport and utilities. Rather than planning for housing on the ‘suburbs’ of existing towns and villages. Brown field sites should be used first and great care to integrate good, green landscaping in the middle of towns to make them pleasant places to be. Classic local example is Jubilee Wharf, Penryn.

‘Energy and Life-style Sustainability in Falmouth and Penryn’ by Chris Smith, Architect

Need to link the following to make sustainable work for our area, with joined-up thinking across public departments:

a) Use the Community Plans already created
b) Look at food production and delivery
c) Improve heating buildings and lighting
d) Integrated transport options
e) Better legislation and good governance
f) Change perceptions about what is possible and what is acceptable in terms of housing
g) Create a Neighbourhood Plan with public inclusion

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