Fal Energy notes from meeting of 26th June 2012

Fal Energy meeting:  26th June. 7:30pm. Falmouth WI.

Attendees:  Paul Parkinson & John Simmons (Mylor Councillors),  RobF, Rachel, Caroline(Chair), Lorely(notes), PaulB, Rita, Rob Homewood,

Apologies: Nigel. Charmian, Nick, Jeremy,  MikeJ, Wendy, Paul&SarahRutter, Nina, Sarah Newton, Michelle Davey, Robin, Alex,


  • A box of FEP Packs went to Royal Cornwall Show, and another to a ‘green’ event at Penryn College.


  • Promotion teams:
  • Articles: Rita- words. RobF- proof reading, Paul, RobH, Caroline, Charmian and Lorely.
  • Communication Team: Charmian, Paul, RobH, Caroline, Lorely, Rita.  RobF technical support.
  • Community Outreach Team: Rita, RobF, Rachel, Lorely
  • FEP Pack distributors: Rachel, Lorely.  Offers please.
  • West Briton monthly article – possible start articles in July.  Lorely to liaise with Lindsay Truro. Possible articles Green Deal, Solar facts,
  • Vision/explanatory leaflet – Paul has offered stage 2 – comments requested.


  • Rob awaiting agreed content.  Draft website being built on www.falenergy.co.uk
  • Caroline/Rob to add links to website.  Including existing projects locally.
  • FEP Hotmap –  Caroline/Rob to link to website.  Hotmap monitoring: a disclaimer (no endorsements) to be added to the site.

Projects to support in the next few months:

  • Mylor Councillors: Rob to send info re Ladock DVD to be used at a Council meeting followed by a talk to Council either from Chris Jones or FEP team. Public promotion in Mylor and Flushing.   Offer Uni research projects.   PaulP and JohnS.
  • Penryn School Swimming Pool – wish to Solar heat.  Lorely to contact Andrew
  • Falmouth Firestation – have shown an interest in a solar roof – PaulP.
  • University partnership: Research Projects and promotion. Rita to find develop contacts/timings. plus Jeremy and Peter Connor.  Enquire re Green Deal review.


  • New Landlord policy information : Lorely to contact DIGS.
  • Fowey requesting support for their planning applications.
  • LEAF Shared Experiences meeting in London last week. Caroline able to attend and is compiling a report to send out.   (600 applied for the fund 236 succeeded).
  • Falmouth One Stop Shop membership point: Lorely to enquire.
  • Transport: Cycle and Walking Pilot: A meeting has taken place to make recommendations to the CC consultation.  More info from Lorely – lorely@transitionfalmouth.org.uk

Accountant/finances: suggestions so far: contact local accountants and solicitors, Cornwall Volunteers, ideas and contacts please.


  • Caroline and Charmian 40min talk to Falmouth Business Breakfast Club – 28th June.
  • 21st July: Zero Carbon Day: ? activity on The Moor.  Lorely to book space. Ideas requested.
  • ‘FalmouthAlive on The Moor’ make it regular from September. Assistance requested.
  • Falmouth Town Forum:  next meeting 11th July: Jeremy to represent FEP.
  • Penryn Fair day.
  • Freshers Week October.
  • Uni Community day: Jan.
  • Stithians Show: Caroline taking FEP Packs.

Meeting venues: PaulP enquiring re Falmouth Firestation room.

Next Meeting: 20th July.  Venue tbc.

Next Agenda:

  • 21st Zero Carbon Day.
  • What FEP can offer
  • Invite Paul Martin to next meeting – Lorely.
  • Devise 12month programme activities.
  • Student Projects.

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