Fal Energy LEAF meeting: 29th Feb

Fal Energy LEAF mtg:  29th Feb 7:00pm at Falmouth WI

Present: Caroline Robinson, Charmian Larke, Wendy Jarvis, Rob Follett, Mike Jenks, Nigel Murray,Tony (local resident), Alex Lloyd, Rachel Lay, Jake Burnyeat, Ann Jordan, Lorely Lloyd (notes).

Apologies: Paul Britton, Lisa Peakman-Short, Michelle Davey,

Promotional Programme:

  • Week starting Mon 5th Mar.
    March 5th Monday St Pirans Day Festival.  A team from Community Alive are holding a free St Pirans Feast  11:00 to 1:00 (tasters of Cornish type food and recipes for Falmouth Friendship cake). All the recent events (including ‘Surviving and Thriving’ and Fairtrade events) have been used to informally promote Fal Energy to interested parties.
  • Week starting Mon 12th Mar        (press release needed by 9th Mar)
    Climate week: promote Fal Energy progress through local press and on Climate Week website and advertise FEP mtg of 16th March.
  • Week starting Mon 19th Mar        (press release needed by 16th Mar)
    Spring Festival starts 17th Mar – intention is to have a stall either on Events Square for 17th and 18th or on The Moor on 17th. On the stall there will be banners, welcome pack, vision statement, invite to join the Social Enterprise.Photo from 17th/18th to go in press to promote welcome pack and inform that FEP will be part of Arty on The Moor on 24th Mar.
  • Week starting Mon 26th Mar     (press release needed by 23rd Mar)
    Launch event on 28th March Cheese and Wine at Falmouth Council Chambers.  Launch of Fal Energy Partnership Social Enterprise; FEP Report, Welcome Pack.

Press release team: Caroline, Nigel, Jake and Lorely.  Falmouth Packet out on Wednesdays, West Briton on Thursdays, Western Morning News usually green stuff Mondays.

Press releases to inform and then generate debate.

  • ‘Hunt the celebs’
  • Facebook page: Alex progressing with links from Rob.

Caroline produced some more designs based on Morgwar etc – more discussion and further designing being done. New designs to go out for comment asap.

Name: Fal Energy Partnership set and ‘Local Energy Wealth’ strapline agreed.

Vision Statement:
Overall aim: 80% reduction CO2 by 2050 – ‘Low Carbon Future’. To consist of general vision principles , aims for  2012, and short, medium and long term aims/plans. The hard facts to be found in the FEP Report.

First draft of vision to go to email list asap (computer problems prevented sooner).

Vision team: Mike, Charmian and Nigel.

Welcome Pack:
A one page A5 flier – brief summary of the project, advice where full pack to be found and membership invitation/form.  This will have a 10,000 print run and be distributed widely in the Community Network area.

Welcome Pack:– Designed to enable updating of material. To be found at One Stop Shops, Retail Shops, Library’s, local Council Offices, local purchase and letting agents etc.  A plastic wallet containing the following:

  • 6 A5 pages 12 sides FEP booklet describing FEP, results of case studies (advice to householders), basic info from FEP Report; information links to all advice organisations, basic energy advice, membership form, … A 5000 print run.
  • ‘How to save money on your energy bills’ booklet from Sarah Newtons office.
  • ‘Your guide to winter wellbeing’ booklet from NHS.
  • Energy advice booklet from CEP (Community Energy Plus).
  • Cooking efficiency leaflet: Transition Falmouth.
  • Fal Info Pack – ‘Surviving and Thriving’
  • ????   Your suggestions and sources please.

Team: Caroline and Lorely.

Membership of the Social Enterprise:
Industrial and Provident Society (society for the benefit of the community)

  • £1 membership fee.
  • A membership e-newsletter to be produced.

Case Studies:
Four house types being assessed as they represent over 50% of local housing stock.

*Two types still needed: 1: pre 1919 off gas detached. 2: 1965-75 off gas semi/end terrace.

Future meetings:

  • Fri: 16th March  7:00pm  Falmouth WI
  • Wed 28th March:  Falmouth Council Chambers.  Cheese and Wine launch of the Social Enterprise.


Finis 9:00pm

Next meeting: Friday 16th March 7:00pm at Falmouth WI.

More information about any of the above lorely@transitionfalmouth.org.uk  or 01326 317 587


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