Fal Energy activities last week

Following are notes from activities of the last week:

  • FEP Public Meeting 16th March,
  • Core group meeting of 14th March,
  • Falmouth Town Forum meeting 14th March,
  • FEP Crafty on The Moor 17th March. Public Activity.

Fal Energy Public meeting:  16th Mar 7:00pm The WI.

Present:  Charmian, Caroline, Blanka,  Fran, Richard &  Evelyn,  Nigel, Mike, Rob, Tony, Tim, Rachel,  Lorely(notes).

Apologies: Peter Rugg, Ann Jordan, Philip Pearce, Nina Ennaji

The meeting had been promoted as a public meeting for discussion about onshore wind power. There had been a press release in West Briton titled: ‘Debate over Wind Power’  – Lorely did have a phonecall from an anti wind but unfortunately the person did not arrive hence a rather biased group present.

  • Fran filmed the meeting.
  • Charmian presented powerpoint overview of FEP report.
  • Discussion on best strategies to engage and inform:  enlightened self interest, make it personal, appeal to the pocket, revaluing – culture shift, , fashionable and normalise, thrifty, positive payments/incentives, cost analysis, minimal changes for maximum effect, change balance, lifeboats/community, cognitive dissonance, dialogue, examples, planning issues, global, local, embedded costs and technology, demand and supply, stagger info, lobby local council, money changes emotions and emotional values, little steps, visual, ‘we are doing it you can join us’ , ‘help your packet – help the planet’, re-skilling, consumption, ‘planning for real exercises’.
  • Mike is furthering a Neighbourhood Plan and the meeting agreed an important project to support.  The NPlan to be included at FEP launch.

Finis 9:00pm next  meeting launch 28th March.    Nb activities on The Moor 17th and 24th March.

Fal Energy LEAF mtg:  14th Mar 4:30pm at Council Chambers then The Shed until Town Forum meeting at 7:00.

Present:  Ruth  (until 5:00) , Charmian, Caroline, Lorely(notes).


  • Ruth contacting LEAF to check deadline dates for invoices.
  • All invoices need to go to Ruth for paying.

Matched funding:

  • Ruth organising the Falmouth Council £200 to be transferred to the fund.
  • Ruth to invoice Tim Light for £1000.
  • Lorely still trying to obtain the £900 from FalmouthAlive.


1: Legal Body:

Charmian/Lorely – documentation from initiating members needed for Paul.

2: Community renewables and energy efficiency document:

Vision:     Charmian producing a draft for meeting Fri 16th.  Caroline to produce the  printed document to be presented at FEP Launch.

Logo:       Caroline new logo has been produced and put past the email group most very supportive.  More discussion re logo and other potential ideas explored.  (Caroline reminded us that logo can be changed post March).

3: Case Studies 2 common housing types: town/country.

Lorely has informed CEP with the four identified houses and Karen(CEP) is visiting this week.

4: Info leaflets and Hot/Cold map. 

FEP Energy Pack:   Folder containing: *Simple leaflet describing FEP, signposting to local information, resource suppliers and installers, information/advice energy efficiency etc  * specific advice for renters,    *case study reports,   *multiple booklets etc produced by other bodies, * leaflets produced by our FEP partners.

Mechanism for dissemination:  *Simple info leaflet to be distributed to local households (indicating where complete pack to be obtained) , *downloadable compilation,  , *FEP Packs to be found at Library’s, One Stop Shops, local shops, local estate agents and letting agencies etc.

  • Caroline project manage FEP Pack.
  • Caroline compiling advice to house owners/rentees.
  • Caroline producing format for FEP Energy Pack.
  • Caroline: producing the Hot/Cold map
  • Advice leaflet to be produced asap for promo over Spring Festival.
  • Rob has set up domain names for www.falenergy.org.uk  and.co.uk with email addresses info@falenergy.org.uk and info@falenergy.co.uk and 3 separate emails for Charmian, Caroline and Lorely.   www.falenergy.org.uk  now being signposted to www.falmouthalive.org.uk
  • Rob, Alex and Caroline met last Thurs and set up Twitter and Facebook.
  • Fathom:  Words produced from Lorely, Caroline, Charmian and gone for Fathom leaflets (to be distributed 16th April).

5: RE Resource Report.

  • Town Forum mtg 14th:  Charmian and Nick presenting overview of the report.
  • Caroline taking photos for report – local context.

6:  Wind Site.

  • Charmian to assess identified site
  • Lorely has contacted both Town Clerks a date being arranged.

7: Community Engagement.

  • Surviving and Thriving display and activities: has completed its 5/6 weeks, Lorely has produced an overview report and is to produce a FEP focussed one.
  • Lorely visited Transition Constantine last Thursday and reported on FEP.
  • Lorely attended Falmouth Parish Meeting and reminded FEP invitation for 28th
  • The Launch:  wine to be served in Art Gallery before 7:00pm with cheese and nibbles and speeches in Council Chambers. 37 have booked so far.
  • Lorely produced Press release 9th March: re next week Climate Week, Public meeting Friday 16th March: Fal Energy reporting and discussion re onshore wind power, plus advertising ‘Crafty on The Moor’ 17th and 24th..
  • Spring Festival and Climate Week.  Lorely organising arty/crafty activities on the Moor 17th March. 10:00 to 3:00.
  • Spring Festival:   24th March:  10:00  to 1:00 arty/craft on The Moor.
  • Purchase gazebo and info boards.
  • Insurance being set up with Events Insurance. £152.00
  • Two Uni media students are following/filming our activities and are now focussed on a general short video on ‘Change’ with some poetic content.
  • Food for launch: Lorely contacting local cheese and wine suppliers;  and sourcing Falmouth Friendship Cake.

Next  meeting:  Friday 16th March (Core group 5/6:00)  before 7:00pm Public Meeting at Falmouth WI.

Falmouth Town Forum meeting 14th March

The Town Forum meeting was attended by Charmian, Caroline, NickSwallow and Lorely.   Charmian presented basic report details and Nick offered some info on local Food growing potential.  Discussion followed.

Report by Jonathan Griffin: Falmouth Energy Partnership
Charmian Larke and Nick Swallow joined the meeting to report on the work of the Falmouth Energy Partnership. Supported by a grant from the Department of Energy, the Partnership had been exploring the possibilities of the local Falmouth area achieving zero carbon emissions and the implications of this.

Current climate change predictions were that a change of 2 degrees C was the lower limit and that this would raise sea levels by around 10m, inundating much of the Fal area. We were already past peak oil and therefore energy costs were likely to continue to rise as well. The matter was therefore doubly urgent.

The highest use of energy locally is in oil for transport and home heating, and gas in the home. Key areas for reduction are the use of oil and emissions from the production of electricity. A mix of renewable sources could provide 75% of the power required in the area.

It would be possible to achieve local self-reliance with an increase in renewables and:

  • 50% less demand for transport
  • 35% drop in demand for electricity
  • Better heated homes

Growing sufficient food locally to provide a traditional diet. To meet these long term energy resilience targets would take an investment programme of £8m pa which is the equivalent of about £200 per person per year.

In discussion it emerged that:

  • There had not been a change in the sea level on the Penryn River over the last 100 years
  • Cornwall Council are planning for a 1m rise in sea level over the coming 100 years
  • There are currently only 90 wind turbines in the county. If replaced by larger ones, this could be reduced to 30
  • It could be made mandatory that all new build should include pv cells but this made the houses uneconomic

The team was congratulated on their work and encouraged to start with small achievable projects. There was a risk of scaring people with the big picture. The key was in allowing people to make individual economic decisions which helped move towards a sustainable future.

The Falmouth Energy Partnership was holding a meeting about wind turbines at 19:00 on Friday 16 March in the WI. The launch of the initiative was to be at 19:00 on 28 March at the Poly at which it was intended to launch a social enterprise which would carry out a range of demonstration projects.

FEP Crafty on The Moor 17th March. Public activity for Climate Week.

Nigel, Maureen, JaneMac, JaneMat, Rob, Rachel, Lorely.   Filmed by Fran and Emily.

9:00 to 3:00. inviting the public to ‘Help us design an Energy Machine’. With willow and scrap etc.


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