Energyshare unable to progress

It is sad to see that another change of course by funding agencies have closed the option of FEP supporting Energyshare in an energy efficiency project in Penryn.
Their message is as follows.

“Apologies that I haven’t been in touch sooner but as you may be aware, British Gas have reduced and paused different elements of their ECO funding in Cornwall over the last few weeks and we’ve been working to assess the impact that this had on our CSCO plans. Unfortunately, we and Cornwall Council have decided that these changes mean that we are no longer in a position to take forward the CSCO pilot in Penryn at this time, which is extremely disappointing for all involved.
Thank you to all of the members of FEP for their interest in, and support of, the project and we hope that we will be able to work with FEP in future. ”

Thanks to Energyshare and Abbie Brook for helping us with this attempt.


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